Born in 1991, With a background as a graffiti writer, currently studying at Konstfack University of arts, craft and design. Working in a way that often stems from the material. Clay, wood or paint all give their own opportunities and difficulties which often is a starting point for my work. Working on different projects simultaneously, trial and error is a big part of my process and one creative process often effects and feed the other.

With work that continuously comes back to some sort of expression of duality i try to emphasise different aspects and choices of beeing human in todays society.  Right or left, sustainability or consumption, rich or poor, right or wrong, being in power or in no control at all – both through materiality and the sheer visual experience. My artistic practice is meant to be playful, yet still hold its sense of seriousness intact.



Västerås Konstskola, 2015-2017

Konstfack University of Arts, craft and design, Ceramics and glass bachelor programme, 2017 – (Ongoing)


Previous shows:

Group shows at Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden, 2015-2016

Västerås Konstskola Spring exhibition 2017, Västerås konstmuseum

One size fish all, group show at Gärdets fisk och deli, Stockholm 2017


C U C U M B E R sandwich, Group show at vattentornet, skallberget, Västerås september 2018

KGB2 Midterm Show, group show at Konstfack, Stockholm november 2018