Working with different materials, often letting one creative process give birth to the next. Trial and error is a big part of my working process and my work often comes back to themes about trial and error in being human in todays society. Coping with the good and bad things in life and picking up the pieces to create what is yourself. How to take place in the public and how to draw back into oneself. Growing as a person through your own and others experiences.

Sculpture, sound, painting and animation is my main focus, often working on different project simultaneously.



Västerås Konstskola, 2015-2017

Konstfack University of Arts, craft and design, Ceramics and glass bachelor programme, 2017 – (Ongoing)


Previous shows:

Group shows at Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden, 2015-2016

Västerås Konstskola Spring exhibition 2017, Västerås konstmuseum

One size fish all, group show with fellow students at Gärdets fisk och deli, Stockholm 2017


C U C U M B E R sandwich

Group show at vattentornet, skallberget, Västerås september 2018