Born in 1991, With a background as a graffiti writer, currently studying at Konstfack University of arts, craft and design. Working in a way that stems from the material, clay, wood or paint all give their own opportunities and difficulties which often is a starting point for my work. Working on different projects simultaneously, trial and error is a big part of my work and one creative process often effects and feed the other. In a constant search for something I yet haven’t found I try to push my limits within my own boundaries and create something I didn’t know existed in my mind.


-Konstfack University of Arts, craft and design, Ceramics and glass bachelor programme, 2017 – (Ongoing)

-Västerås Konstskola, 2015-2017

-Teacher trainee programme, Örebro University, 2013-2015 (unfinished)

-”Jöken”, Introductory law, Örebro University, 2012


Previous shows:

-Homecoming Queens, group show at Västerås Konsthall, Västerås June 2019

-KGB2 Midterm Show, group show at Konstfack, Stockholm november 2018

-C U C U M B E R sandwich, Group show at vattentornet, skallberget, Västerås september 2018

-One size fish all, group show at Gärdets fisk och deli, Stockholm 2017

-Västerås Konstskola Spring exhibition 2017, Västerås konstmuseum

-Group shows at Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden, 2015-2016